Crown molding by Wassmer Studios is truly the finest crown molding available. Our crown molding has incomparable depth and resolution of detail and won’t expand or contract with the weather – unlike polyurethane crown molding or wood crown molding. No shrinking and expanding means low maintenance and no annual paint touchups.

And plaster crown molding can be less expensive to purchase and install than wood. For instance, a crown molding, such as our Large Georgian, arrives on the site completely assembled and ready to be fastened into place. To achieve the same look in wood would require hours of cutting, fitting, sanding and filling; a lot of expensive wood and a lot of expensive labor.

Handcrafted by Philip Wassmer and his staff of craftsmen in reinforced plaster, our crown molding is durable enough to be installed with a nail gun just as any other crown molding would be installed and it requires no special tools or abilities.

In fact, installing large Wassmer Studios crown moldings can be less expensive than the labor and materials required to install, patch, caulk, sand and prep multiple layers of large build-ups of wood crown moldings.

For easy-to-follow crown molding installation instructions just click the link at the left.

Philip Wassmer also accepts a number of custom crown molding projects each year. So, if you do not see the particular crown molding you want, just contact one of our experienced project managers at 800 923 4234 or to discuss your crown molding project.

Discounts are available for quantity orders of crown molding.