Plaster molding by Wassmer Studios is the finest available. Why settle for polyurethane crown molding when you can have the awesome depth and resolution of detail, durability and dimensional stability of authentic plaster crown molding?

Incredible but true; our plaster crown molding, cove molding and panel molding – preferred by interior designers, builders, architects and homeowners for 20 years – is far superior, but comparable in price, to polyurethane molding.

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All our authentic plaster moldings are created in our own production studio by sculptor Philip Wassmer and his staff of artists and craftsmen. So, if you don’t see exactly what you need, contact one of our experienced project managers at 800 923 4234, or to discuss the requirements of your project.

Be sure to visit to see our cast stone fireplace mantels, range hoods, balustrade, columns, moldings and lavatory pedestals.