It’s Easy!

Wassmer Studios Moldings install with basic trim carpentry tools and methods No special equipment or expertise is required. Anyone who has installed wood trim can install our plaster moldings.
  1. To begin, measure down from the lowest point of the ceiling a distance equal to the height of the molding. snap a chalk like at this level on all walls.

  2. As with patterned wallpaper, molding patterns are matched at every joint. Therefore, because the last joint—which will be back at the starting point—will probably not match, the installation should begin at the least noticeable inside corner and work around the room in one direction.

  3. Cut and fit lengths of molding in the room before permanently attaching any pieces. Temporarily hold the parts in place by wedging finishing nails against them along the top and bottom edges. Shims can be used to compensate for variations in wall and ceiling surfaces. The back of the molding can also be easily sanded to accommodate all conditions.

  4. Once all pieces are positioned, install them permanently by applying adhesive along the bedding edges on the back of the molding. Nail or screw the lengths of cornice to the wall and ceiling, being sure to hit studs and joists. Three to four fasteners along the bottom edge and two to three along the top should be sufficient. Countersink the nail or screw heads and remove any excess adhesive right away.

  5. Now, simply caulk the joints, spackle the countersink holes and allow them to dry before sanding these small areas.

And voila! Your Wassmer Studios molding is ready to be primed, painted, admired and enjoyed.